Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Tree

We made this fun 12 days of Christmas Tree to hang up in our house to help our son learn the popular Christmas song.  I also thought it would give us a great opportunity to work on counting and number recognition.  
You can do a google image search for "12 days of Christmas"and come up with all sorts of pictures you can print.  Ours came from
Things you will need:  scissors, crayons, printables, green and yellow construction paper, glue

It took a couple of sittings for him to finish the coloring...
 While he colored, I made the tree by glueing together 4 pieces of green construction paper.  Then I folded, started at the bottom and wiggled my way up the the point at the top. 

 For the star, I drew the star...
 folded it in half....
 and cut.
 After he was done coloring most of the pictures, I cut them out and started at the top and glued each picture on.  I then took a sharpie and wrote the number on each picture.

 He loves going to look at his work, trying to sing the song and laughs hysterically at "5 golden rings".  Its been a fun project, that I plan to save and pull out each year!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

pattern play

Today we broke out the easel, bingo dots (if you don't have these, please, go get them...they are FANTASTIC), stickers and worked on patterning.  I would start the pattern and he would complete the pattern or fill in the blank.   This is an easy lesson that is fun and artistic!  We do this pretty often.

See the big blue smear to the right on the above picture? This was one where I left a blank spot within the pattern.  It is a little more difficult for them to complete it within the pattern rather than at the end. 

Hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving and is ready for the Holidays ahead!