Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Book Binding

Well... juggling two kids is so much harder than I ever imagined.  My little girl has reflux, and I believe some other tummy issues going on.  I literally have to hold her most of the day.  It has been hard.  One would think pajama projects would be easier since I am in my pajamas pretty much all day, but I am doing good to brush my hair and do laundry.  It has gotten very "real" for me.  Anyway, when I get projects in with my poor neglected son, I usually have her in my arms, so grabbing the camera is difficult.  So, bear with me during this phase that will hopefully be over SOON!

About 4 weeks ago my son started getting very interested in the solar system... VERY interested. I found a YouTube video to teach him more about the planets...
It is an awesome video, that has really taught him so much... more than I ever knew about the solar system!  He has the whole song memorized, sings it often around the house, and draws planets and talks about them to anyone that will listen.  Lately, he has also been into making books.  Well, he has since made about 4 solar system books.  One was based on the video above, using the words from the song created by "KIDsTV123".  (They have other great catchy songs too!)
So, we wrote down the words to the song, and found some planet printables online.  (you can just google images for "planet worksheets").  Then we just used glue, staples, construction paper, crayons, and so on to create the book.

We have since made 3 other solar system books, where he dictates to me what he knows about the planets, and I write.  One of the books, he colored the planets and then sounded out and wrote the names of the planets by himself.  I was super proud of this book, as was he.  All of his solar system books are a work in progress... he takes them to his desk and "works" on them, by adding things.  We have read them so many times that they are showing real wear.  I am so happy that he loves them so much and can take ownership of his work!
BTW...the picture at the top is his Halloween costume... a little obsessed, ya think?!