Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby makes me LAZY!

Been wondering what happened to me???  Well, I got pregnant, that's what!  This pregnancy has wiped me out, and I have felt as if I was doing good just getting out of bed for quite a while.  I'm 1/2 through right now, and feeling better.  I plan to get back to reporting the fun little projects my son and I do together now that my energy is coming back.  Thanks for being loyal, and sticking by me through my inconsistent posting.
Yesterday morning, we worked on blends and rhymes using his favorite subject... Dinosaurs.  We just finished Mardi Gras season here, so parades are all the rage, and are quite on his mind.  So, we decided to create our own book about a dinosaur parade.  Usually he can come up with quite the entertaining story, but he kept talking about the sounds made by dinosaurs... roar, stomp & chomp ("st" blend beginning sound, and the "ch" blend beginning sound) and we added thump  and bump (both rhying "ump" words, thump also containing the "th" blend).   This created a very simple word book.

I first wrote these words out on word strips.  He helped me sound them out as I wrote them.  Then I pulled out some T-Rex card stock that I had on hand and he painted each a different color with water colors.  After they dried, we went back to work, reviewing our words, and writing them on the dinosaur.
Then we punched holes and assembled the book.
It was a short and simple book, but one he can be proud of creating, and one that with a little repetition he can read on his own.  I took the word strips and hung them in our craft room so he could revisit the words when we are up there.

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