Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Seuss Ten Apples up on Top

Good ole' Dr. Seuss!  Happy Birthday!  We decided to honor this years birthday by playing a Ten Apples Up on Top game!

We love this book obviously because it is a super fun read, but also because it includes both early reading skills as well as math skills.  You can find rhyming, popper words, cadence, adding, subtracting, and so much more in this book!
We started by reading the book, discussing who has "more" apples, who has the "least", how many more apples they needed to get to ten, how many they had "all together", and rhyming words.
The activity was a game that involved things we could do with our apples (these were fake apples, but you could surely use real ones).  We started off counting them, then trying to "balance" them on our heads in a bucket.
We would then try tricks, like the characters in the books did... I can run with 4 apples, I can slide with 10, I can make 10 apples fall on the ground (this was his favorite)!
We had a good bit of fun to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday!  We hope you did something special to mark the occasion!  Who possibly makes reading more fun than Seuss!?

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