Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alphabet Sticks

When I was at the craft shop yesterday, I picked up some popsicle sticks, not knowing exactly how I was going to use them, but hoped something would come to me.  I finally decided to simply write the ABC's on each stick and then the ABCs on paper and see what happened.  I set it up where he could grab a stick from a bowl and try to match it to the correct letter on the paper.  I wasn't sure if this was going to be "too much" for a 27mo. but he did great!
It kept his attention for about 8 letters, and then he dumped them out with one quick swoop and decided the cup would be better used as "wobble goggles" (from the imagination movers- you got it!)
That's a boy for you- I think a little girl might work with this a bit longer.  I decided to take him up on the "wobble goggles" game and asked him if he could see the letters through the goggles...  
and so the game progressed... and we got a couple more minutes of fun letter practice in- on his terms!  I really did think his idea was much more creative, and right up a little two year old boy's alley!  I love it!

Next we played a quick game of "fill in the blank" which also helped him with pattern recognition, as well as letter identification.  I simply lined up a few of the sticks, in ABC order, turning one over with the letter hidden so he could guess the missing letter.  

Hope you like the ideas and have a fun morning in your pajamas too!


  1. Great ideas! Don't worry his attention span will improve :)

  2. Yay we are going to use this for an Alphabet project on Monday :)

  3. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.