Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Day

Hi everyone, long time no see :)  I'm close to the end of this pregnancy, so hopefully I will have my energy back soon - I did find out I am anemic, and apparently have pneumonia- so that would explain some of my laziness.  We have been doing stuff, but i have been quite slack about documenting.  Today, for flag day, we talked about flags, and the US flag.  We made a very simple American flag, using a star punch on blue paper, and red dot / bingo paint for the red stripes on white background paper.  I do not think we actually got the correct amount of stripes or stars though, but he got the colors right ;)
We also decided to make a "Dodson flag" - where he could use stickers and symbols to represent himself.  He was in charge, but I did most of the cutting and placing - which is the way he wanted it.  When we were done, we hung it on his door.  Then we looked at different state flags and discussed the colors and pictures on them...

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