Monday, August 22, 2011

What do they eat?

   First, let me thank you all, so much, for hanging with me throughout this lazy and long pregnancy!  We are proud to announce we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the mix on July 23rd.  We are so blessed!  I think I am now at the point, where I can begin working on posting our pajama projects again, and hope you will have fun reading about our early morning adventures!
  Dodson woke up the other morning quite inquisitive about what specific animals eat.  I am not sure what sparked this interest, but I recognized this as a great learning opportunity!  He would name an animal that he wanted to know more about, and together, we would look up facts about its eating habits on the computer.  We decided we would make a book with pictures of the animals, and their diet.
  Since Dodson is learning to read, we used short phrases that he would easily be able to master and memorize.  He quickly did just that, and was able to "read" the book back to me once it was complete.  This gave him confidence in his reading ability, helped him flex his memory muscles, and learn about something he was genuinely interested in.
  Supplies needed:  computer, printer, paper, construction paper, scissors, glue and a stapler.

 Have your child practice their cutting skills by cutting out the pictures (or help them if they aren't ready for scissors - or YOU aren't ready for them to have them :)  They can also glue down the pictures.  Allow your child to write out the animal names below each picture, or do it for them, while spelling and sounding out the word.  (you can make the letter sound, and have them tell you the letter)
 Here, Dodson wanted to write out the word "Fish".  I helped him sound it out.
 Once the book was complete, we named it, "What do animals eat?" and put his name as author.
 He was very proud of his new book, and that he created it!

Animals and what they eat is just one idea for a subject matter... pick what is interesting to your child at the moment, and go with that!
Let me know what you come up with!

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