Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"I do, I do. I do like that party hat!"

One of our very favorite books is Seuss' "Go. Dog, Go!"  I have wanted to find a project for us to do based on it for quite a while.  I love all the directional words and opposites in the book (above, over, below, beside, on top, in, out).  Dodson loves the part where the two dogs bump into each other and say "Do you like my hat?"  He likes that part so much, that he often re-inacts that part of the book when playing.
This project came about over two days... one part, I have to admit, was NOT in our pajamas, but it was too good not to post, and I figured you would just be happy to see something other than his favorite blue dog pajamas!
He was playing outside and I was planting flowers.  He found the empty plastic flower "pots" and together we used the hose and cleaned them out.  As soon as they were clean, he put one on his head and said "Do you like my hat?" (in his best Go Dog Go voice).  He kept that bucket on his head for over 30min. playing!

We then used them to build a pyramid and send it tumbling.

All that fun spurred on the second half of the pajama project - reading "Go. Dog, Go!" and decorating our very own flower pot "party hat" with construction paper, pipe cleaners and other various craft items. He loved wearing his party hat!


  1. So cute! Go, Dog, Go is my middle child's absolute favorite book!

  2. This is Emily's favorite book! What a cute activity to go with it :0)