Thursday, October 28, 2010

its a bird, a plane, it's HOT GLUperman

I couldn't stand to put the store bought costume on D. for Halloween.  This was a super easy & cheap last min. costume that takes ZERO sewing skill.  All you need is hot glue, felt and a blue shirt and pants.  I purchased the Garanimals Wal-Mart shirt for and sweatpants for $7.00 total.  I purchased red and yellow felt.  
To make the "logo" I simply folded the red in half and free handed the shape.  Then I used the red as a pattern for the yellow and then went back and trimmed it a little around the edges to make it smaller than the red one.  Then I decided to put a D for my little man, to make him feel special!  He is pretty super, after all!

The "bloomers" were the hardest part, and all I did was double the red felt, laid the pants on top with the crotch of the pants at the fold.  Then I cut up the next to the sides of the pants and cut across the top at the waist, and went back down the left side of the pants.  So, when unfolded, I ended up with a large rectangle.  Then I just angled the corners, up towards the pockets and glued in place. It doesn't quite match up on the sides, but I'm not worried about that.  It know that its not perfect, nor does it need to be.  

 For the belt, I just cut a strip of yellow and glued it around the bottom of the shirt.
And to do the cape, I folded the fabric in two and cut lengthwise with a taper.  Then I hot glued it to the back top of the shirt.
Hopefully it will stay together though the evening :)
Happy Halloween, and have a BLAST trick-or-treating!

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