Friday, October 22, 2010

SPooky SPiders, SKulls, SKeletons and Centipedes

Today We talked about letter blends and like sounds (b/c D. is starting to sound out words).  I had some SPooky Halloween "decorations" around and thought they would be perfect for sorting out our sounds.  We talked about how S and C can make the same sound and that we can build letters to make more sounds.  (It is so hard to teach how to read, isn't it!)
here are the supplies we used for the fun:
glue, foam pumpkin cut outs (orange construction paper would work)
sticky poster letters (you can draw them on), halloween SPiders, SKulls, SKeletons and Centipedes.
Then we began sorting, based on the sounds we heard.  
"Spider starts with what sound?" "S, Ssssss"
"Great, what's the second sound?  S PPP"  "P!"
We did this with all the sounds.  Centipedes was difficult, so I told him it sounds like an S, but is actually a C. 
We counted the Spiders to work on those math SKills, too!

 After our lesson, we went outside, hid the spookies in the sand and went on a spooky treasure hunt!
It was a fun morning!  Enjoy!

Happy Friday...
Jenny @ Pajama Projects

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  1. Love how you have used the pumpkins with the letters/blends.

    I am sure you have mentioned it but how old is your son?

  2. hey Kylie! thanks for posting! He's 2, almost 3!
    it goes by too fast!!!