Monday, October 18, 2010

where the leaves don't change

In our neck of the woods, there isn't much of a "fall" to speak of.  It pretty much goes from blazing hot to  cold.  While we do have a few great, crisp weeks, we do not have the lovely changing of the leaves that I loved to see growing up.  I hate that Dodson is missing out on that.  We have discussed taking a trip to "the mountains",  but that would involve about 10hrs in a car to get to "the mountains" from where we are.  So.... I decided to give my son a taste of what fall looks like, right here in our house.  
This is all that is needed... a branch, some twine, scissors and a bundle of fake fall leaves.

First, we hung the branch from our kitchen light fixture...this can be done anywhere.

Then D. picked the leaves he wanted on it.  We talked about the different colors of fall.

 Mommy cut lengths of ribbon and tied the leaf to the branch.  I wanted to create the illusion of the leaves falling...

As they say down south... "happy fall, y'all"


  1. Oh i LOVE this!! :) Such a cute idea!

  2. This is so pretty! What a great way to celebrate fall anywhere in the world =)