Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Leafy Letters Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down...

Amy, over at the TeachMama blog, (I'm sure all of you already follow her blog...right!?!) shared this fantastic idea last year of writing letters on fake fall leaves.  The fall leaves I bought at the craft store this year for our fall mobile (previous post) must have reminded me of her idea.  Anyway, I did as Amy suggested and wrote the letters (upper and lower) on each left over leaf with a sharpie.  I couldn't find Amy's post, or remember the fun games she played with hers, so I tried to come up with a way to use them on my own.  
I wanted to re-create the look of leaves falling and have D. catch them and call out the letter.  So, I climbed up on his swing set (quite a challenge) and had him stand below.  Luckily it was a windy day, so it made the game more fun.  I tossed the first leaf below and he squealed as he tried to jump to catch it.  I sent the whole alphabet flying, and he loved catching them!  Then he wanted a turn tossing them down to me.  We switched the rules, where he would call out the letter on the leaf before he tossed it.  It was a fun way to experience our "faux fall" and practice our letters!

Check out TeachMamas afore mentioned post to find other games you can play with the letter leaves by clicking on the link.
Happy Fall Y'all!