Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Think Fun's 36 cube

 This is our own way to use Think Fun's 36 cube.  You can find this puzzle and the real way to use it by clicking ... here.  For those of you that like those golf tea puzzles at Cracker Barrel - this one is for you, but it's a bit more challenging.

 We play with this almost daily.   We play with it in our own way.  We sometimes sort by color- get all the greens together, all the oranges, and so on.  Then we sort them from shortest to tallest or tallest to shortest.  Sometimes we put all the tall ones together, and then group them by size rather than color.  There are so many ways to play with them.  They also have grooves in them, where they are sectioned, so we can group by the number of sections each has as well.  This helps improve counting skills.  Overall, we have not used this game as intended at all, but have found it to be one we go to often and are always finding new fun and educational things to do with "it".  Check it out...it really is a good one for all the family (for different reasons)
P.S.- we got ours at Fantasy Island Toys in Fairhope.

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  1. What a FANTASTIC teaching tool you've created! I work at ThinkFun, the creator of the 36 Cube, and while it's touted as "The World's Hardest Puzzle" and intended for serious puzzlers, it's fantastkc to see this challenge serving our younger fans to build early math and number sense skills, bravo!