Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ABC Smash UP!

This morning we went outside.  YES, in our pajamas.  Oh, come on, you've NEVER done that???  It was our back yard and nobody had to know - except for all of you ;)
I decided to write a few letters on a poster board and place it at the base of his slide.  He perched at the top of the slide with all of his cars - ready to send them flying.  He sent the cars down the slide one by one, and we guessed, or yelled out,  which letter  we thought it would land on.  Then we'd discuss how close we were, or how far away from our target we were.  Then we would count up "points" (which were written by each letter - randomly chosen) if it landed on a letter.  It was a fun way to go over some of the letters that might be hard to remember - or those that look similar, or have similar sounds.
Variation= if your child has mastered their ABCs by sight, but are working on letter sounds, you could put a piece of masking tape over the roof of each car and write a letter on it.  Then fill your poster board squares with magazine pictures of items that begin with that letter.  Talk about where the car "should land" and which picture the child should aim for.  If it lands on the correct picture, great - you get points;  if it lands on another picture, but the child can tell you what letter should have been on the car for that picture, they get half the points!  So fun!!!


  1. I love this idea! My 4 year old son will think it is a riot. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is so fun! I think this would be a great activity for B. If we do it I'll link up! =) Thanks! I just became a follower.
    ps we went out to get the mail in our pjs at 4 pm....as a matter of fact we went from one pair of pjs to another. =)

  3. very cute idea, my boy would love it.

  4. My son will absolutely LOVE doing this! I'm glad we're not the only ones in pjs!