Tuesday, March 9, 2010

how to get dressed while staying in your pajamas...

I have been wondering when, exactly, a toddler is supposed to dress themselves.  I don't want him to grow up too fast, so I'm still enjoying dressing him- but I kinda can't wait for him to put on rain boots, his superman costume and a cowboy hat and insist he goes to school that way... until then, I will continue to put him in his little matching outfits!
Today though, I wanted to talk to him about "getting dressed".  I'd really like to get him some of those montessori dressing forms for him to practice on (ohhh... maybe we will make them ourselves- another pajama project for another day!)
To discuss clothing items, we got out Dodson's Melissa and Doug magnetic joey dress up doll ( to buy your joey dress up toy click here )
He loves this "doll" and plays with it often- much more than I ever imagined (they have girl versions too).
I quickly pulled out paper and drew a picture of the clothing items in the game.  Shirts, Pants, Boots, and Hats... then he could sort the pieces by type and then he could dress Joey in MATCHING clothes to make "outfits"... we talked about how silly he looked with a pirate hat while wearing police officer clothes.  It was a fun way to talk about proper ways to dress and silly combos, and how sometimes we can be silly!  Speaking of getting dressed... we need to do that around here...Thanks for joining us on todays pajama project!

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