Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hosting in our Pajamas

This morning we had our weekly "preschool" at my house.  We have friends from our play group over and have "school".  I wanted to serve a snack, and I wanted Dodson to help prepare the snack for his friends.  We decided to make peanut butter banana popsicles!  It was so fun.  We used a package (by Concord Foods) of peanut butter sauce and simply followed directions on the box.

I knew Dodson would love helping put the bananas on sticks and dipping them into a glass of peanut butter sauce, and he proved me right!  We did them this morning, and they were done by the time everyone arrived- a great mid morning snack!  It helped Dodson learn the meaning of being a "southern gentleman" by preparing snacks for his friends :)

We pre-froze the bananas w/ the stick for an hour before we mixed/melted the peanut butter.  Once we were ready w/ frozen banans, we warmed water in the kettle and poured it in a mixing cup and placed the packet in it, which melted the peanut butter - it stayed in there for 4 minutes.

Once the peanut butter was warm, we poured it into a glass and Dodson dipped the bananas into the sauce.  It coated them perfectly!
Finished product... Yummy, healthy snack for our guests!!!
Some peanut butter dripped onto Dodson's clothes... oh, great, it's just his PJ's - time to throw them in the  wash and get dressed for "school"

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  1. We have never made these before. However, Trader Joe's has chocolate covered frozen bananas that my kids absolutely love! I am sure they would enjoy these pb ones, as well.