Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Seusstastic Sorting

Today is Dr. Seuss' Birthday!  Yay... we love Seuss!  To celebrate, we decided to make a cat in the hat counting hat.  This skill is perfect for those learning those first few numbers:  counting numbers and putting them in order.  You and your child can discuss concepts such as  smallest to largest, patterning (red, white, red white, What comes next?), sorting the numbers (in order, lowest to highest, highest to lowest)  all while making a fun Dr. Seuss hat at the same time!  Here's all you will need...
I put Dodson's hand in the scissors and I put my hand over his and cut- this will help him get the feel for cutting.  We cut each number stripe apart.  Then I drew a hat shape onto the red paper and cut it out.  I mixed up the number strips on the tray and asked Dodson to point to specific numbers.  After he found each, and counted the dots, we would glue them and put them onto the hat.  We were sure to leave space between the strips in order to make stripes (that is a tongue twister- Dr. Seuss would be proud)

Have A Super Seusstastic Day!


  1. This is GREAT! We are having a Dr Seuss playdate (Belated Birthday I suppose) later this month and we might have to do this for the 'craft'!!!

  2. Very cute idea! I love ideas where the child is having so much fun he doesn't even know he is learning! We might have to try this tomorrow! Thanks!

  3. just read what I wrote, and the part with the scissors sound like I put his hand IN the scissors and let him feel that... NOT what I meant... I put his hands in the holes of the scissors, you know, where the hands are SUPPOSED to go :)