Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We Teach

Do you like to find new ideas to do with your child/children?  Do you also like to find other moms to connect with that have the same love of teaching that you do?  If so, then head over to We Teach and you will find both!  Amy, who has an AWESOME blog called TeachMama (see link in right hand corner), is so talented, and so creative, and so everything!!!  She has created this great group on Ning Network where moms and teachers can share their ideas.  There are ideas for pretty much everything - teaching reading, teaching the alphabet, teaching science and math, doing crafts, blogging...
Take a moment and join this group - if you at all like Pajama Projects, you will LOVE this group!

Hope you are in your pajamas by now and that you had a great day with your little ones!

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